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Patty; Louis; AM; Walter; Cristian; Alec; Robert; Ray; David; Clemencia; Margaret;
Andres; Sumumba; Susan; ZseZa; Ramon; ++




Introductions; Announcements; Report-backs; OpenForum; Proposals;
//We have to have proposals in the internet; people have to have time to think about and
consider them;
POI – technically as we have consented upon in our past GAs, proposals are to
submitted in the comments section of the yellow box anouncing the next GA
//In the interest of not creating bureaucratic hurdles; obviously we want to get these
open; not everyone has equal access to the internet; we should leave it open; We have
the option to table them for a week;
CONSENSUS:: on proposals we should talk about all the projects we are to work on;


Went over hand signals and process


//tomorrow Hot&Crust Rally; Healthcare Rally at Waldorf Astoria; Occupy Staten Island;
Free workshop on Participatory Budget; Mon 2 430 Citywide Polling
ce Brutality; Two weeks from today; transportation Protest – OCT 31st; announce
Occupy the Underground; Golden Farms;
//Medgar Evans College Rally; good rally mostly black and brown students out there; Fri
talking about Flushing Corona; Movement;
//Update about LA airport asset idea; something around the M60 line;focus on couple of
weeks; another new bus plan line will take to connect lag to the Bronx; all the way from
Norwood To Airport; the BRT along Astoria Blvd; theyʼve been working on it for a couple
of months ; the education about the school closings 2 middle schools in the SE queens
area; from the A to C to F; fair hikes;


Monday-Friday Boycott Occurs between 4:00pm-7:00pm
329 Church Avenue on E. 4th. *G or F Train (Shuttle Bus)to Church Ave. or
B or Q Train to Church Avenue and then catch B35 to E.4th Street)
Daily Picket of Hot and Crusty-63rd and 2nd Avenue Manhattan, NY
***O15-October 15, 2012**-Resist All Pipelines! A National Call to Action
Against Oil and Fracked Gas Pipelines
5PM-Gansevoort & Hudson River Park
***Mon, 10/15/2012***-(Occupy Wall Street) Visions and Goals Working Group
60 Wall Street-2,3,4,5 Trains to Wall Street
***Mon, 10/15/2012***-(Occupy Wall Street) Movement Meeting 220 E. 23rd Street
6:30pm New York City, NY (between 2nd and 3rd)
N,R, OR 6 Train to 23rd Street and/or M23 (between 2nd and 3rd avenue)
also we’ll be having a Community Assembly Friday and welcome all
Occupiers and others from the 99%-7pm/60 Wall Street
Rebuilding Occupy To Build, Connect with, and Mobilize the 99% *Community
Part 1 of This Community Assembly is being held to address the internal and external
issues that keep Occupy from connecting with 99% as well building consolidating plans
for ongoing actions happening all over the city.Despite some of the difficulties of OWS
in connecting with the 99%, Occu-Evolve has also been actively involved in the
neglected areas of outreach and networking between crucial working groups within
Occupy Wall Street .
Out of this assembly the creation of Solidarity statements, working re lations and
actions to and with groups like Money Out Of Politics, Labor Outreach, Vision and
Goals, Occupy The Hood, Stop Stop and Frisk, Occupy The Pipeline, Bum Rush The
Vote, FUREE (Family United for Racial & Economic Equality), New York Communities,
Occupy Participatory Budgeting, 99 Pickets and all community based Occupy
Movements are but a few examples of how Occupy can begin connecting with the
99%.The ongoing Boycotts and Picket of Golden Farm and Hot and Crusty as well as the
stopping the ‘development’ project that may happen in Corona/Flushing Meadows Park
will be discussed as well. But more solidarity actions and working relationships need to
be developed.
In Part Two of Our Assembly A 10 point statement addressing the current level of
functioning and effectiveness of the structures and community that OWS has created
improving and/or replacing them will be presented for consenting to Assembly. This
statement will be but the beginning of a revisioning process for Occupy Wall Street to
assist our movement in becoming a mass movement that truly represents the 99%.
Protect Parkland at Flushing Meadows – Corona Park
Dear Friends & Neighbors,
Now we need your help in telling Mayor Bloomberg to protect Flushing
Meadows-Corona Park.
Please take a moment to sign the petition at:


Every signature helps us! Please forward this to anyone who can help.
Thank you!
We will keep you informed of any news as we hear it, and you can stay
informed of the very latest at: http://protectthepark.org/
Long School Bus routes that harm children and disrespect rights* are SCARY!
Join Parents to Improve School Transportation
October 31st, 2012 @ 10:30AM
Office of Pupil Transportation (AKA the House of Horrors)
44-36 Vernon Boulevard, LIC, 11101
Pistnyc@gmail.com 347.504.3310 ( se habla español)
NYS law “ Special education means specially designed indivualized or group instruction or special
services or programs, as defined in subdivision 2 of section 4401 of the EDucation Law, and special
transportation, provided at no cost to the parent, to meet the unique needs of students with
1 PM – 5 PM
103rd Street and Roosevelt Ave.
Enjoy the most beautiful ʻboleroʼ songs in our recently renovated plaza.
*DJ Amore* Live Music * Big Voices*
Arrive early and request your favorite Bolero songs!
More information: 347-927-7895
Guests of Honor
IPR/HE Corona Senior Center
Free Event
Disfrute y baile los boleros más bellos en nuestra recién renovada plaza.
*DJ Amore* Música en Vivo* Grandes Voces
¡ Llegue temprano para que pida sus boleros favoritos!
Más información: 347-927-7895
Invitados de Honor
IPR/HE Corona Senior Center
1 PM – 5 PM
Calle 103 y Roosevelt Ave.
Evento Gratuito


//RE; PBWG ; let the people decide how the budget is spent ; meeting with Danny
Dromm; Flushing Meadow park; Housing; has been in foreclosure; filing fee; would like
to make fundraiser; because its really financially difficult
//we are here tonight arranged for Wed. night weekly; Weʼre on Wed. nights and paying
50$ as we were last year before we went to the park; it was brought to my attention that
if groups are a smaller number then we can be pro-rated and discounted; will
investigate further; I did not inquire about keys; We have things here (storage);
//people are having their house taken away; where we can find out about hearings for
these houses; lawyer saw her home someone from Manhattan helping her; they pay all
the bills on time; still…;


List Proposals and then discuss them in Open Forum; Temp Check: CONSENSUS
- Community Agreements; when weʼre in a space together what are the agreements we
abide by
- Proposal was for Assembly to consider a cultural Competency Seminar; to build
consensus; as we do community outreach to be sensible about having the community
really resembled out here;
- Proposals for weekly scheduled meeting and events;
- Occupy Queens Contact List; not done as an opt in list serve;
- Bank Proposal we should support her ( clemencia@bofamericaghost ); all of us should
get together and help her ASAP;
- Email Etiquette; – to discuss the guidelines on what is appropriate for the list serve;
there are many people on the list serve; it is set up for announcements for what is going
on in Occupy Queens not for back and forth discussions; the appropriate place for that
is on the forums


//This is the first time for me here trying to learn
//Want to bring change in to the community; thereʼs a lot of proposals and actions that I
can be involved in; I think thereʼs a lot of potential; (OPT) they lost my kid; Im interested
and can get more people involved in the OPT action; I think youʼll have a lot of people
showing up;
POI – I used to work for OPT; OPT hires disabled people from Goodwill; and treats them
like dirt; just answer the phone and do the best they can; Is part of bring people into
employment is about making them feel like human beings; and these are people that
they are “saving”
//Iʼm here b/c I started coming to the GAʼs last December; went to OWS last year saw
so much promise; and one of the things that attracted me and them over the course of
the year Iʼve seen that window has been less; I think the core of that is communication;
race and culture ; how we can connect with so many well intentioned people and we
should be growing numbers; b/c I basically dropped out; oh wow itʼs being addressed!?!;
I oscillate between depression and optimism
//Iʼve been here several times; and I havenʼt seen it; so what exactly are we talking
about?; Iʼm from South Ozone Park; I donʼt think itʼs a race issue or not a race issue;
maybe weʼre not talking to people; I donʼt think people are staying away b/c of race; I
havenʼt felt it;
//this is important topic, a very sensitive issue ; I havenʼt seen it; I just donʼt want to
happen other work doesnʼt happen in GAsʼ we worked in Housing; upset about proposal
for competency;
POP raise concerns when we talk about proposals
CONSENSUS:: Letʼs primarily give the new people chance to speak; then move onto
POI – Passing the hat now; for the rent for the night;
POP – are we proposing it for her; we should work with her;
//logical way to go is to form a WG;
If itʼs a case of solidarity statement; in the interim of gathering information to at least at
82nd at BofA branch; visiting her during the day; help her; while ; maybe we can go
tomorrow; she has a costume; a ghost costume; has a big poster next to her ; a lot of
information next to her; btwn Roosevelt and 37th; she has a blog she would welcome
our help;
// just had a suggestion a lot of redundancy; people are passionate; weʼre making a
particular point of action; that maybe it should be put on the white board so that we
know whatʼs it about
CONSENSUS:: We agree to go individually and then report back to figure out best on
how we can help;
POI – We have 32 min total for each;
//Community collective agreements; I think itʼs necessary online and off; or that weʼre
not xenophobic or not; the reason why we raised this; is b/c itʼs not just this GA;
Proposal read;
//Who will make this decision and how?; this is (participant’s) community agreements and
not ours;
//One as (participant) has brought up, this has been brought up over and over again; just
a constant repetition is not an appropriate process; it sort of bludgeons; I think the issue
if we are to form Community Agreements; or mission statement; If we choose to do that;
it is for us, let us allow time for us to do it ourselves; and we actually were bringing this
issue up; and then the August recess;
POI I never did a community Agreement;
//this seems fine to me; except for the final piece; wondering who enforces not
comfortable kicking people out; if we come to that place; second concern about kicking
people out; if it goes to consensus that part removed;
//the process of building community agreement should be in response to the situation at
hand; seems a list of what comes out from OWS not from things that has come out of
here; itʼs us figuring out what; if things start to go wrong we address them; but then weʼll
have some sort of understanding; letsʼ build it on the actual issues;
//not sure how to go about them; a very good idea to have them in place to there should
be some parameters so that people can I think itʼs good; I’m in favor;
//I agree it should be a whole community discussing; in case of outreach Community
Agreements are necessary
//Donʼt know where this discussion is going; one problem ; we need to follow up what
we started up collectively;
//why wait till we you get sick ; this agreement ; if we can do input for another week, OK;
I donʼt think this is a safe space; itʼs happened in Astoria as well; canʼt just let anything
//community agreements I canʼt find anything to start on;
POI we can review it for another time
//Meeting and Event Schedule can allows this discussion to take place;
//that idea of throwing someone out is kind of extreme; also culture competency would
be foundational; that would be it for me at the core;
C:: Do we have a hard nine PM? Yes.
TABLE:: Community Agreement Proposal
//In the last couple of weeks a lot of personality conflict ; the sensitivity that I had based
on race of privilege; what does community mean to us; the majority of people; how
about enveloping this conversation on only race; shared and established sensibilities;
letʼs have a cultural competency training; this is a great community to do it in; sad that
people to give their input into the conversation are not heard in this conversation; this
proposal I made online; I was looking for it today to get feedback
//I think itʼs dangerous to assume people of a race, of privilege etc, by appearance; to
assume people are of privilege just by the way they look…
//I thought it was an interesting proposal; maybe to have an outsider or expert can be
helpful; if weʼre going to talk about this ; define what we mean about racism; we can
probably go through and get more than one opinion; different definitions how do we
//at the base is we respect each other; no matter who you are ; respect is very
important; I think every one here respects each other; when we talk about racism every
thing comes from the inside; the basic principle is respect;
//I completely agree that respect is at the center; I think what (named participant) is
suggesting is a little more; she/heʼs taking us to a place that addresses the subtleties
and complexities that is racism; thatʼs such an important pass; oh shoot theyʼre going to
go that way; I was a teacher maybe we have a chance…;
//personally thereʼs now a problem; the teach in; how we would structure that; however
my proposals; I think if we consider it, it would allow for a safe place for this teach in to
take place; I donʼt think we can come out of it with a specific conclusion;
9:00 END GA




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