(((___ COLLECTIVELY SHARING ART in Jackson Heights ___)))

November 8, 2013

artCommons changes the way we experience art by
changing the way it is shared in our communities.

How does it work? Art is added to a local ‘artCommons’, the community is then free to borrow the art in the artCommons. The artCommons is collectively managed by all participants in the community. From this collective effort new relationships are made within the community on an individual and collective level.

artCommons will grow naturally, as soon as 8-10 people sign up to a specific neighborhood we will organize a workshop in that area. Currently with 38 membersJackson Heights is organizing the first artCommons in Queens. Questions? email info@artcommons.org

(((___((__(_ 0 _)__))___)))

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  1. Do yyou have any video of that? I’d love to find out some additional information.

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