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January 17, 2013

 (((___((__(_ SIGN AND DELIVER _)__))___)))

It’s time to stand together! We were all concerned by the false allegations that Occupy Wall Street is linked to individuals involved in violence or criminal activity.

Join us as we head to the New York Post in person to express our concern by protesting and delivering the following petition to stop the lies:


Our experience is that hyping falsehoods about OWS contributes to real and documented police violence, unconstitutional domestic spying activities, and the marginalization of constituencies and views that deserve respectful treatment by reporters.

And in the wake of Dec. 31 reporting alleging a (nonexistent) link between two suspects arrested with bomb making materials and OWS, we demand a retraction and apology from the New York Post on the same print and Web pages as the original accusation.

So sign and share the petition, and then join us on the first 17th of the year to protest and deliver the signatures. Let’s make sure the New York Post and Rupert Murdoch hear our concerns loud and clear.

(((___((__(_ SIGN AND DELIVER _)__))___)))

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