Debt, Privilege, and Common Struggle :: Judson Church :: 21JAN :: MON :: 2-5PM

January 17, 2013

Join the
Strike Debt event!!!

Debt, Privilege and Common Struggle: Where Do We Go From Here?


on January 21st, 2013–Martin Luther King Day, at Judson Church in NYC, and several other locations around the country (links here).

Please invite *all* of your friends.

The family-friendly event will feature music, slideshows, and facilitated brainstorming sessions around themes including Movements, Targets, Cities, Cooperative Economics, Alternative Credit, and more! The event will conclude with food, drinks, and a performance by the Strike Debt Radical Children’s Theater, facilitated by the Little Red Squares Childcare Collective.

Strike Debt looks to Martin Luther King not just for his charisma and inspirational standard, but more broadly as a cultural symbol of a dream deferred–a dream not just of civic equality, but of a multiracial beloved community based on economic justice at local, national, and global scales. In his seminal 1967 speech “Where Do We Go From Here?” King named “the capitalistic system” itself as the obstacle to that dream, and called for a “restructuring of American society as a whole.”


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