International Day of Anti-Fascist Action :: @Greek Consulate : 19JAN : SAT : 1PM

January 17, 2013



In Solidarity with ATHENS_ANTIFA19JAN, Against Racism, Homophobia and Violence
Saturday, January 19, 1pm, Greek Consulate, 69 East 79th Street, New York City

In solidarity with the people of Greece and all the people of the world who fight for justice, liberty, equality and freedom from racial, sexual or other forms of discrimination we call for a rally at the Greek Consulate General in New York on Saturday January 19, 2013.
January 19th will be a global day of action against fascism, with dozens of rallies around the world in solidarity with the main march called in Greece to oppose the fascist Golden Dawn party.

The organizers are putting special emphasis on fighting Golden Dawn’s attacks on South Asian/Muslim and African immigrants. Initiators of the NYC event are reaching out to fighters for immigrant rights, the movement against Stop and Frisk, and all other movements against racism and repression and for social justice.

Please endorse the event by emailing , forward this announcement, and share.

Endorsed by Aristeri Kinisi (Greek-American Left Movement) NY, Syriza NY, Campaign for Peace and Democracy, Antarsya NY, Queens Socialist Alternative, Queens College Socialist Club (list in formation)

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